New Research in Tidal Current Energy

Editor: AbuBakr Bahaj

In discussions about climate change mitigation through the decarbonisation of energy, tidal current energy is frequently referred to as an emerging technology capable of successfully augmenting existing renewable energy technologies. Although the potential clearly exists, the technology is presently still in a pre-commercial phase and only a hand full of devices have so far been tested at full scale in the ocean. No single turbine design has been converged upon so far and there are many aspects of the technology and operation that are not yet well understood. This is the reason why there is a large amount of high quality academic research presently being carried out at leading international research institutions, with the main aim of optimising the technology and its deployment and to thereby rapidly advance tidal energy itself. This theme issue comprises an elite selection of this research and covers key focal points, such as turbine design, performance and optimisation, tidal resource assessment, array design and wake interactions, while the methodology of the work encompasses numerical modelling, experimental studies as well as field measurements.


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