New windows on transients across the Universe

Editors: Paul O’Brien, Stephen Smartt

Time domain astronomy has come of age with astronomers now able to monitor the sky at high time-rate both across the electromagnetic spectrum and using neutrinos and gravitational waves. By such monitoring, astronomers can discover violent stellar explosions which happen across the universe.

New observing facilities permit new science, but the ever increasing capability of these facilities demands efficient communication of new source detection and better subsequent coordination among the scientific community so as to turn detections into scientific discoveries. This issue reports on the outcomes from an interdisciplinary meeting which brought together experimentalists and theorists from photonic, astro-particle, and gravitational wave detection experiments to discuss their results and ideas and prepare for the future in the new multi-messenger area.

This issue is based on a Discussion Meeting held at the Royal Society in April 2012. Recordings of the talks and subsequent discussions are availble on the meeting page.


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